An Airplane Simulator Review

Airplane Simulator Reviews
I’m a member of a Flight Simulator Enthusiast Network and frequently review top flight simulator games. I found that ProFlightSimulator is the leader of the pack and is today the most popular of all airplane simulator software.

This Airplane Simulator Review highlights the pros and cons of ProFlight.

But first of all, lets look at the impressive stats. ProFlightSimulator makes use of the power of Google Maps. Its fully modeled world with landmarks and accurate scenery is awesome.

The game feels like you are traveling the globe in real time. The solar system is accurately mapped, weather patterns are projected in real time in any part of the world.

ProFlightSimulator has a massive amount of airplane you can chose from. When I did the review it had close to 120 planes. We are assured by the developers that more are being added all the time.

But is ProFlightSimulator really worth the money? Lets go through some of the pros and cons of the system.

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The Pros & Cons of the ProFlightSimulator

The Pros

Extremely Realistic Flying

This ProFlightSimulator software is more realistic than any other simulation software available. It has been built to be as close to real life as possible. Everything from terrain, aircraft reactions, to planetary alignments & movements.

After playing dozens of other flight sims online I noticed the most about ProFlightSImulator is the attention to detail.

Extensive Selection of aeroplanes and also Routes
I was impressed with the expert, totally detailed, True To Life airline flight sim along with guidance in excess of 22,000 of the world’s air terminals, extensive scenery packages as well as120 numerous aircraft from Concords, F16s, Migs, airliners and more.

Correct Planet Mapping

This online gameactuallygoes to the extent of incorporating accurate mapping of the solar system and real-time climate. So if it’s raining in Texas in real life it will be raining in Texas in the game!

Video Tutorials

You will find easy-to-follow video tutorials to explain to you how to begin with soaring the sky. I could not locate this quality inside different programs that I assessed. These types of video lessons make it easy for absolutely everyone to know the way to fly the planes.

In addition there are illustrated instructions comprising more than 100+ pages which you can reference anytime throughout the flight.

Fantastic MultiPlayer Options

ProFlightSimulator carries with it an on-line element which has been skillfully applied. Two that stood out in the online mode were formation flying and chatting, which in all honesty I believed had been created superbly.

Free of charge Updates For A Lifetime

What’s more, within the ProFlightSimulator bundle are free updates which ensure that there’s a continuous supply of content that compliments the package more.

Money Back Refund

This program comes with a two months cash back guarantee. If you are not really entirely content with what you get, you can get your money back.

Bonuses That You Get Free In No Other Software package

Together with ProFlightSimulator you will also obtain these 3 bonuses which not one other flight simulator package offers:

1. Kelpie Flight Planner

2. Interactive Scenery Designer

3. Free Combat Flight Simulator Game


The Cons

Could Be ALittleOverpoweringTo Start With

Because there are lots of types of planes and maps, the members’ area can be complex in the beginning. Nonetheless the downloads are arranged by categories and whenever you get started, you can see it is not difficult to uncover just what you are searching for.

The Download of the Softwaremay take time

The volume of this software is not small and should you have sluggish net connection it could take a several hours to download all of the blueprints.

In this instance it might be a good idea to upgrade to the Dvd and blu-ray edition (it can be done in the members’ area).

A Simulation – Not an Arcade Game

This is an advantage I believe but I have to have this out mainly because some folks may well prefer an “arcade” type of a airline flight simulator. Before you can entirely enjoy genuine airplane simulator games you should understand the controls.

If immediate satisfaction is more your preference (arcade style flying), ProFlightSimulator most likely are not for you personally. Having said that, if you have the time and patience to dedicate to studying, long greatly entertaining Realistic gaming wait for you.

The Bottom Line

Over-all, it is obvious that ProFlightSimulator is one of the best value flight simulators on the market today. We got into this overview relatively sceptical of the substantial praise it has attained from others, but went away happily converted.

The game feels, sounds, and performs much better than every other airline flight simulator on the market, and has a great deal more aircraft, locations, and available options to boot. It’ll keep even the most dedicated gamer occupied for months, checking out the gorgeous world we all call home.

Overall, it is a great game that will charm new and veteran flight simulation fans alike.

Airplane Simulator Reviews

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